Sexual innuendo involving the oven

All things considered, I think three stars is fair. Yelp för företagare Ta kontroll över er företagssida Företagssupport. They screwed up, they made it right by going above and beyond our expectations, and have continued to provide a great product and service. I've had one terrible experience and one excellent experience with this Round Table. Seriously, if I order a veggie sandwich with no cheese, I don't want the whole thing toasted into a wilted mess.

I was kind of expecting a little more from this place as far as quantities are concerned, and maybe had I ventured down the path leading to the Enchanted Land of All Things Fried, I might have had a more fulfilling experience.

We're sorry.

Sometimes their guacamole joins the party. Both times involved large business orders for my team at work. She did nothing but apologize halfhearted. Warmer temperatures mean mas trips to the local Jamba, and yes, I will return again and again and again. I enjoyed the fact that I ultimately control the flavor and amount of sauce, which is ladled onto your food right in front of you. The Udon-style noodles reminded me of fat worms in size and texture but were unevenly cooked. I never ask for anything special on my sandwich, so not comment on that.


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  • Emiliano 12 days ago

    It's literally the title of the video... seriously bruh?