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Allow me to introduce myself I would hate for you to be stranded at the laundrymat I got your back, why don't you put your laundry baskets in the back And sit up front, I'm not askin', it's a trap You just got jacked, and bodysnatched and it's a wrap In broad day, and no mask for this attack I heard them say, exact opposite atract If that's a fact, it'll take taskforce to get you back [Chorus] Yeah baby, do that dance it's the last dance you'll ever get the chance to do Girl shake that ass You ain't ever gonna break that glass, that windshield's too strong for you I said Yeah baby, sing that song It's the last song you'll ever get the chance to sing You sexy little thing, show me what you got, give it your all Look at you ball, why you cryin' to me? Freddie Gibbs - Shame Brinstar Bridge Know what I'm saying--Like that--Yeah Chorus: Sounding like a bit of a baby, you can do this. Organism 12 - Karlakarl [intro] Det svenska folkhemmet. Hörde just den här låten.

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FOOLCAST 046 - Pase Rock Live From Tuneland

Ro Ransom - So Throwed There's no place to hide Verse Two – Pressure Polluting airways, mankind strays with no reforming, So slap on that sunscreen and enjoy the global warming, Cos ignoring world issues is what we all do best, Just like Aussie politicians shoe shining for the U. It disgusts me to see the game the way that it looks, Its a must I redeem my name and haters get mushed, Bitches lust. Albin Myers - Tick Tick Tock Maybe you need some lyric syrup serum for your symptoms Here's a dosage of the antidote, now you give him some He can give her some, she can give them some Get behind a lint drum, make up a beat and kill the sucker syndrome The spinning drum when it comes to lyrics and pennin' some Starting from scratch and then ending up at the ending of Capable of winning her, Bullets are, so unbelievable its a Titanium cranium that's full of suprises When the smoke rises, right before your very own eyes You stare into your stereos hi Good evening, this isn't even a weed thing I ain't even smoke anything, I ain't even drinking [Chorus] It must be the Ganja, it's the marijuana That's creepin' upon me, why I'm so high Maybe it's the henny, that has gotten in me Whatever's got into me I don't mind I said it's the Ganja, it's the marijuana That's creepin' upon me, why I'm so high Maybe it's the henny, that has gotten in me Whatever's got into me I don't mind.

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